President's Office Selects Two Students for Glass Pitcher Commission

In 2011, Dr. Daniel Doz, the President + CEO of the Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD), introduced a glass competition with the winner providing his office with beautiful hand-crafted glass pitchers.

This annual competition has now become an annual commission project. It serves two purposes; first it showcases the work of ACAD’s talented glass students and, second it makes the President’s Office more environmentally friendly. 

Two hand-crafted glass pitchers commissioned each year. The student is chosen by faculty in the glass department to craft the pitchers by early December. The work is put to use immediately and recognized in the subsequent meeting of ACAD’s Board of Governors. The student receives a stipend for their work and is reimbursed for the cost of supplies and materials. 

The President’s Office is proud to announce that two students, Felicia VanDenBoogaard and Jemma Van Osch, collaborated on the pitchers chosen for 2016.

“It is my pleasure to congratulate Felicia and Jemma on creating these intricate pieces of artwork,” said President Doz. “I am proud to display these elegant pitchers in my office and use them frequently when entertaining guests of ACAD.”

About Felicia VanDenBoogaard in her own words

I am inspired by various intricate details and patters within nature.  Like how snow sits when it first falls, how tree branches interact with each other, and patters in bark.  My work imitates these details through fusing, enameling, engraving, and carving on blown glass vessels and forms. Because my work is mostly clear or neutral colours with subtle and graceful line work, it creates a delicate feeling; which I continue to build onto and adjust until the piece encourages a sense of serenity and reverence. 

About Jemma Van Osch in her own words

My work often talks about community; the way people interact and affect each other is interesting.  I enjoy making functional work as it speaks to sharing and spending time with others.  When a meal is shared there is a connection made between members, customs are passed along and stories are shared.  A forest is a community in which symbiotic relationships thrive.  As trees grow, they accommodate each other, making use of space and light.  Without each other they would be susceptible to the wind, which could blow them down.

This piece was created through collaboration.  The process and the satisfaction of making is more important to me than the finished product.  This piece was made in the hotshop, where we shaped the glass into a pitcher.  The form is meant to encourage an atmosphere of elegance.  The use of clear glass allows for an airy light feeling and will show off whatever liquid it is containing.  Engraved onto the exterior surface is trees, this is referencing the forest, community and nature.

Congratulations Felicia and Jemma. We can’t wait to see what you create next!