Place a hold

If the item you are looking for is currently unavailable, place a hold on the item and the library will contact you when it is ready for pick-up.

A hold is a request for a library item currently checked out to someone else. Library users may place a hold on one or several items at the same time. Holds may not be placed on items currently available.

Once a hold has been placed on an item, the current borrower may not renew that item. When the item is returned to the library, the library user who placed the hold will be notified by email and will have 7 days to pick it up from the library front desk.

There may be several hold requests on the same item, in which case, a waitlist is created and users are contacted in the order in which holds were requested (the earliest hold first). 

When considering placing a hold, do not be discouraged if the due date shown in the catalogue is after the date you need it, as items may be returned well before their due dates.

How to place a hold

You may start the process of placing a hold at several different points in your search process.  Below is a description of how to place a hold from the very beginning of a search.

Carry out a catalogue search for potential items of interest. Take note of items which you are interested in, but are currently unavailable. Items which are currently unavailable, will have a Place Hold link to the left of the title. You can also click on the title to see Item Details, including the due date. When you click on Place Hold, you will be prompted to enter your Library User ID and Library PIN