AUArts Studio Artist in School Program

The AUArts Studio Artist in School Program is a one-of-a-kind partnership with the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) that promotes arts facilitated learning, augments student learning and engagement, and exemplifies the integrated and interdisciplinary future of arts education in Alberta. The initiative places recent AUArts graduates as Studio Artists into schools throughout Calgary.

The program has been a huge success, generating substantial benefits for the schools and studio artists including:

  • enhancement of the schools’ capacity to incorporate art and design activity into curriculum learning and extracurricular pursuits
  • studios have become gathering places for discussion, critical thinking and the generation of new ideas
  • art-based activities (e.g., visual art, music, dance and drama, photography, creative writing) provide students with an alternative way to engage with core curriculum subjects (Science, Math, English and Social Studies), emphasizing hands-on inquiry, exploration, experimentation, communication, reflection and personal engagement through artistic media
  • art-making fosters skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, creative innovation, digital and technological fluency, collaboration and leadership
  • provides recent AUArts alumni with valuable post-graduate employment, real world experience, and a chance to develop not only their creative practice but their teaching and facilitation skills

Studio artists are hand-selected for participation in SAIS by AUArts and CBE from the pool of recent AUArts graduates. Artists are financially supported (via honorarium) and insured by the university, and enjoy continued access to AUArts facilities and faculty. Several of the artists have noted that the experience has given them an unprecedented opportunity to interact with community in new ways, to present their work in new venues and to receive feedback from a broader audience.

Perhaps the students sum it up best:

She (the artist) has a lot of great ideas, great big crazy ideas. She makes things happen...I like to go where she’s working to watch her work...She helps me be more creative and she inspires me. She’s a big role model. It feeds our minds and makes us want to do crazy things too. - Student

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