Curriculum partnerships

AUArts develops partnerships with organizations on projects that meet the curriculum learning outcomes and provide real-life experience for students.

AUArts develops partnerships with organizations willing to engage in a more fulsome process with our faculty, where all parties benefit from the valuable experience of working together.

We're interested in partnerships that are redefined as design projects within the School of Visual Communications to meet learning outcomes for curriculum, in which students have access to a complete brief, the client, and where remuneration is in keeping with industry standards. Monies gathered in this type of situation, for example, would be placed in a fund to benefit all AUArts School of Communication Design students, by funding visiting artists and speakers.

There are also external partnership opportunities through AUArts' Public Design program, led by a faculty member and part of specific course work, where design students work with registered not-for-profit organizations for a set fee on specific design projects.

If your organization is interested in pursuing any of these types of partnerships or would like to discuss further, please contact Steven Hodges, Internal Engagement Specialist by email or phone at 403.284.7656.

Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre

One of the most recent projects that Public Design Program students worked on was a campaign for the Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre.

City of Calgary

Since 2011, The City of Calgary Parks, City of Calgary Creative Services, and Alberta University of the Arts have partnered together to offer students the opportunity to gain real world design experience.

Village Brewery

Alberta University of the Arts and Village Brewery partnered together to provide communication design students a chance to test out their skills in a real-world environment and to inspire more community partnerships such as this.