AUArts General Faculties Council (GFC) is Chaired by the
President & CEO.

Membership includes the University's Vice Presidents, the School Chairs, the Director of Learning Services, the Executive Director of Continuing Education, the Registrar, appointed students, elected members of academic staff, and members appointed from the academic staff, staff and students.

2020-2021 General Faculties Council Membership

Members by Virtue of Office – Post-Secondary Learning Act Section 23(a) 

President (GFC Chair)
Dr. Daniel Doz
Vice President Administration
Jill Brown
Vice President Advancement
Jamie Leong-Huxley
Interim Vice President Academic/Provost Dr. Alex Link
Director, Learning and Instructional Services
René Martin
Dean, Innovation, Learning and Development
Nicole Hamilton
Susie Kennedy

Members Elected by the Schools – Post-Secondary Learning Act Section 23(b)

School of Communication Design

  • John Gaucher
  • Mitch Kern
  • Paul Hudson

School of Craft and Emerging Media

  • Barbara Sutherland
  • Bryan Cera
  • Tyler Rock

School of Visual Art

  • Lisa Lipton
  • Richard Brown
  • Rita McKeough
  • Justin Waddell

School of Critical and Creative Studies

  • Dr. Christopher Frey
  • Dr. Yoke-Sum Wong

By Degree Area

  • Sarah Alford
  • Martina Lantin 
  • Suzanne Lemermeyer
Nominated Student Members - Post-Secondary Learning Act Section 23(c)

AUArts Student Association

  • Portia Scabar
  • Rickee-Lee Webster

Appointed Members - Post-Secondary Learning Act Section 23(d) 

GFC Board of Governors Representative

  • Ian FitzGerald