Academic Council

AUArts's Academic Council makes recommendations to the Board of Governors on academic matters.


The Academic Council provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and concepts that inform the development of the university's academic policies, procedures, regulations and practices. Academic Council supports the tradition established in institutions of higher learning of debate, consultation and collegial discussions.

Although elected or appointed because of their affiliation with a constituency, Council Members are expected to act as representatives of the general university community and not as delegates of a particular interest group. Acts of Council Members are subject to the same standards of fidelity, good faith and subordination of private interests that apply to trustees in general.

All major decisions and plans of the administration that significantly affect academic affairs should be submitted to the Academic Council for an expression of views prior to implementation or submission to the Board of Governors. The views expressed by the Academic Council should be transmitted, along with the administration’s proposals, to the Board of Governors when these plans and decisions are considered by the Board of Governors.


  • President + CEO
  • Vice President Academic + Provost
  • One (1) senior academic officer
  • Four (4) School Chairs
  • One (1) Director of Library
  • One (1) Registrar or chief administrative officer from the student services area
  • Four (4) student members elected by AUArts SA
  • Fourteen (14) permanent faculty


The Council shall review for approval proposed courses or curricula or changes to existing courses or curricula and develop policies regarding the academic activities of the university.

The Council shall make recommendations on academic matters to the Board.