President's message of welcome

Welcome to Alberta University of the Arts.

Creativity through Arts and Design play an essential role in enriching our lives, and through its mission, AUArts is exceptionally well positioned to act as a leader in this area.

The study of art and design is a search, a quest.  It is an exploration of ideas, a celebration of creativity, and an understanding of what connects us to the world. It is a way of seeing, a way of thinking about the tools and materials we use, the clothing we wear, the buildings we inhabit. It is as much about the pleasure of the eyes as of the soul. It is to reflect on the extraordinary moments as well as the ordinary ones of our daily lives, it is about understanding, enriching and educating our environment – ultimately ourselves.

As we celebrate 85 years of a very rich history, Alberta University of the Arts through its fine arts as well as its professional design programs takes full advantage of its location in the dynamic city of Calgary. The resulting synergy truly produces an exceptionally stimulating academic environment where one can achieve one’s full potential.

Each program is actively engaged in graduating students who become leaders in their fields. All this starts with the faculty and staff whose expertise, knowledge, and dedication is truly outstanding. To be a part of Alberta University of the Arts is to become a member of a passionate, exceptionally talented community of students, faculty and staff.

A life in the fields of art and design is always changing and demanding, but more importantly it is truly rewarding. At AUArts we are all privilege in that we are able to fully engage in nurturing our passions in making our dreams and aspirations visible. To that end I invite you to explore our website and its numerous links to access additional information.

Dr. Daniel Doz
President + CEO