My library account

Learn about My Library Account and how to access all your library information (items borrowed and due dates), renew materials, pay fines and place holds, along with other login information.

Library login

To get to My Library Account, go to the library catalogue and click on My Library Account on the top menu.

User ID

Your library user ID matches your AUArts ID, with the "0000" replaced by "auarts":

AUArts ID 000012345
Library User ID auarts12345

Library PIN

Your library PIN can be requested online, changed online, or found by asking at the library front desk.

Follow these links for more information about how to place a hold and paying library fines

Other Logins


First-time users of Artstor must register on an AUArts campus computer to have remote access. Accounts can be registered here, and only need to be registered once.

Remote access to Artstor’s Digital Library expires every 120 days. Access can be re-activating by logging in to Artstor from any campus computer. 

More information can be found on Artstor under Registering For an Account, and Remote Access Methods.

LinkedIn Learning (Formerly

To log-in, use the link here to log in with your organization's account, and use your AUArts' email and password.


To access Mosaic, use the same password and login you use to access the Network.