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Learn about your NEW Primo My Library Account

Accessing Library Resoources

Access all AUArts online resources through myApps, and click on the new Primo icon. For more information, check out Introduction to Primo and How to Search in Primo.

Sign in to My Library Account

When you sign in through myApps and click on the new Primo icon, you are automatically signed in to your personlized Primo account. In order to view details of My Library Account, such as loans, requests, favorite lists and search history, click on the drop down menu next to your name in the top right hand corner of the Primo screen. Select My Library Account for more information. 


Other Logins


Anyone can browse Artstor's digital library of open access images, but our AUArts institutional subscription gives us enhanced access to private collections and additional functionality. Access Artstor either by clicking on the icon in myApps, searching for Artstor Full Text in Primo, or selecting Artstor in our list of E-Resources. All will take you to AUArts subscription to Artstor's digital image collections. 

If you want to download (from open access AND private collections), save and share images into folders you've created, you will need to register and create a personal Artstor account (follow instructions in top right hand corner of Artstor website). 

Creating folders of saved images could be helpful for organizing images you want to use for different projects or for instructors to organize images used in different courses.  Every time you log into your personal account, it will be active for 120 days. If you have NOT logged in for more than 120 days, you can reactivate it, but you have to do so by logging in to Artstor through myApps

More information can be found on Artstor under Registering For an Account, and Remote Access Methods.

LinkedIn Learning (Formerly

Sign in to LinkedIn Learning through AUArts myApps and select the LinkedIn Learning icon. 


Sign in to Mosaic through AUArts myApps and select the Mosaic icon.