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About the Summer Faculty Research Program

2018 is the first year Alberta University of the Arts opened its doors to allow its faculty to conduct their own summer research projects. This achievement was due to getting over a major hurdle: a lack of technicians. Luckily, AUArts was also able to acquire enough technicians to open up all the studio spaces. In the past years, the lack of technicians meant that only some studios and rooms could be open for use during the summer. This wasn’t going to work; it was either all or nothing and nothing just wasn’t good enough.

Richard Brown knows that the faculty has very little time to do their own independent research during the academic school year and to provide faculty with a place to conduct their research.  He has two main objectives when deciding to move forward with this program. First, he wants students to see that there are such things as mixed practices and nothing that looks like a singular truth 

Brown is also trying to get this research out and into the public. He wants to create situations where the research can be brought in front of people. According to Brown, you never know when someone might see the application and have the perfect use for it: either to create art or advance technology. 

AUArts is also looking to support its faculty by applying to the Social Science and Humanity Research Council of Canada; SSHRC offers grants for postsecondary-based research. SSHRC doesn’t fund exclusively for themselves; it wants to know what the institution is doing to help support the projects, the research and the faculty.  

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