ACAD Alumni Performance - Ring Buffer by Greg Debicki AKA Woulg

WHEN: Friday, October 9. 2015 from 5 to 7 p.m.

WHERE: Room 371

Greg Debicki (AKA Woulg ) is a growing force in the international electronic music, sound art, and generative art scenes. A graduate from the Media Arts + Digital Technology Programme at ACAD in 2013, his most recent project, Ring Buffer , has been presented at MUTEK.ES (Barcelona), MUTEK (Montreal), the British Film Institute (London), Mapping Festival (Geneva), Berklee’s Masters campus in Valencia and ISEA (International Symposium of Electronic Art) (Vancouver), and has toured through Europe. Along with playing in Montreal and New York, Greg also regularly teaches sound design and programming workshops in both cities, and has also conducted formal workshops as a visiting artist at Berklee College of Music in Boston, and NYU, New York.

“RING BUFFER” is an 45 minute Audio/Visual performance exploring data bending by modelling sound in 3D. Sounds are sculpted in 3D modelling software using procedural algorithms and then converted to sound using image to audio mapping, and are displayed using a spectrograph. By using gestural rhythmic structures with a heavy emphasis on textures and dynamics, the performance takes the audience through an imagined geography, exploring multiple perspectives of alien shapes and soundscapes. By creating the sounds first as visual objects and then manipulating them as sounds in order to display them as visuals again, the project aims to bring the audience into the fabric of the data, to explore it from an inside perspective.

Fresh from his european tour, Greg will be performing his new piece “RING BUFFER” at this friday as part of a Media Arts Programme fundraiser. Please join us for a beverage and a mind blowing audio-visual journey.

Cost: "Pay-what-you-can" donation for Media Arts fundraising at the door.