A.C.E. Alberta Craft Excellence

Photo Credit: "It happened on the first flight...." and "The attic door had purposefully been left open...", by Alum Pamma Fitzgerald

"A.C.E: Alberta Craft Excellence" features a diverse selection of exceptional Fine Craft artists. This exhibition was created to celebrate excellence in contemporary and traditional Alberta Fine Craft and to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Alberta Craft Council.

Featuring AUArts Alumni: Pamma Fitzgerald, Mackenzie Kelly-Frère, Erin Schwab and Professor Emeritus Charles Lewton-Brain.

Judges: Alum Natali Rodrigues, Professor Emeritus Jennifer Salahub, and Sharon Rose Kootenay.

Saturday, September 11, 2021 to Saturday, November 6, 2021
cSPACE King Edward Arts Hub