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This section is for open artist calls for alumni that are rooted in AUArts relationships.

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Vivid: The AUArts Alumni Anniversary Project

Will you be our first ever Vivid artist?  



In celebration of our first year as Alberta University of the Arts, on Feb. 1, 2020, we are proud to introduce a new campus initiative, Vivid: The AUArts Alumni Anniversary Project

For Vivid 2020, we are looking to commission a mural by an AUArts graduate through a call for submissions.  

The mural will be located next to the AUArts stairs in the busy public corridor that connects AUArts and the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium to greater Calgary via the busy LRT line. As a centralized point of interest between two primary arts hubs in the city, the mural will be appreciated by many. 

Alumni are part of the university’s history, vital to our future and can play a valuable role in student success. The inaugural Vivid artist will be asked to involve students in the creation of the mural and give an Artist Talk about the work and their professional path since graduation.  


We are asking AUArts alumni (graduates of ACA, ACAD, AUArts diploma or degree programs) to submit proposals for the work. The selected artist will need to coordinate lift/scaffolding equipment and insurance for the project, as well as supplies including paint/protective sealant and other materials.  

The work will remain intact and not be painted over for a minimum of three years.  

Artist Fee: The chosen alum will be awarded a fee of $2020 plus $500 to cover paint/supplies/materials. The artist will also be reimbursed for the cost of a lift/scaffolding up to $1000.  

Mural size: Approx. 250 square feet  

Timeline: The mural should be completed in a maximum of 5 consecutive working days. Dates for the work will be adjusted based on the artist’s availability but the mural must be complete by August 15.  

Additional Requirements: The artist is to involve 1-2 students in the creation of the work and will be asked to return to campus for the unveiling and give an Artist Talk where they share their process and professional path since graduation. The AUArts logo, and the artists signature, program, and grad year, must be included prominently next to the completed work.

Selection: The Vivid 2020 artist will be selected by jury. The jury will include representation from AUArts students, alumni, staff and faculty. 

Submissions should include the following: 

  • Concept sketch or other representation of the proposed work 
  • Artist biography 
  • Description of the artists experience with murals and ability to complete the requested work in the schedule provided 
  • How they will involve 1-2 students in the creation of the work 
  • Details of scaffolding/lift or other specialized equipment required to complete the work and their plans to obtain it 
  • Proof of certification in use of required lift/scaffolding equipment and safety equipment  
  • Artist contact details 

Email submissions as a single PDF  

Deadline: March 1, 2020. 

Details on the location and project scope can be obtained by contacting  
Tierney Muir, Strategic Lead, Alumni Engagement at 

Vivid 2020 is a pilot project that we are confident will be very successful and will lead to an ongoing tradition of alumni murals and installations on campus that will elevate the student experience, showcase our alumni and act as source of inspiration for emerging creatives. 

Please note, policy states that AUArts will not provide honorarium payments to exisitng AUArts employees. If you are alum who works at AUArts and would like to apply, please contact Tierney Muir at

This project is made possible thanks to our Affinity Program partnership with TD Insurance Meloche Monnex.

Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Awards 

The Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Awards Foundation established the Emerging Artist awards to support and encourage Alberta’s most promising artists at an early stage of their careers. The awards are not project grants, but designed to support the unique development needs of emerging artists whether it be supplies, further study or experiences, funding to travel for auditions, study or work, or even income replacement for non-arts related employment. Each applicant determines the investment need that would most advance his or her career.


Up to 10 Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Awards are presented in the competition, which takes place every other year (even years). Each Emerging Artist Award recipient receives a medal and $10,000. (In odd years, the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Awards Foundation presents its Distinguished Artist Awards.) The awards are presented by the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta in a private ceremony at Government House in Edmonton.

Who is an emerging artist?

Emerging Artists are defined as those, of any age, who have mastered the basic techniques of their art form through education or apprenticeship and are in the early years of launching a professional career. Emerging artists have created and publicly presented a modest body of independent work and are ready for the next steps in their artistic development.

Who can apply?

  • Professional artists at an early stage of their careers;
  • Who are Canadian citizens or landed immigrants of more than two years;
  • Who have lived and practiced their art in Alberta for at least two years or have spent a formative period of their artistic development in the province.

Complete online applications will include the following:

  • Your contact information and field of artistic endeavour
  • Brief description of your development as an artist
  • Brief description of your short-term artistic goals
  • Brief description of how the award money will help you achieve your artistic goals
  • Two expert appraisals of your work and assessment of your potential as an artist
  • CV or resume and a description of your work to a maximum of three pages
  • Work samples

Application deadline: Feb. 23, 2020 

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