Bonds that Tie | John Faul

Image Credit: "Constriction" by John Faul

"Bonds that Tie" is a body of paintings as visual narratives by John Faul. The title of each painting is a portal into the emotional responses within one’s relationships. These paintings are pain things. As large monochromatic paintings, they don’t answer anything. But I hope they have something to say.

Artist Statement:

There are many implicit agreements among people. Many relationships are held together with painful ties and suffocating knots. Some of these social contracts with others can be perceived as bonds that tie one down. Parental bonds. Marital bonds. Ancestral bonds. There are also sociological bonds that tie as similarities and agreements, but also as opposites and antipoles. Religious bonds. Ideological constructs. Racism. Genderism. And now during this pandemic, Safetyism. It seems that that these isms divide and antagonize, but also bind us.

Available for viewing online at Gibson Fine Art gallery.

Monday, March 15, 2021 to Friday, April 9, 2021
Gibson Fine Art