Canadian Women in Craft: A Conversation

Canadian Women in Craft: A Conversation is a symposium inspired by the "Threading Black" exhibit currently on view at the Alberta Craft Council Gallery in Calgary.

The works by AUArts Alum eva birhanu and Simone Elizabeth Saunders included in the exhibition explore fascinating aspects of sculpture, weaving and tufting. Their work also references many themes of asserting your presence on your own terms.

This past year with the pandemic has undoubtedly changed our lives. For many of us, it has forced us to re-evaluate the things that motivate, inspire, and heal. Many of us are on journeys of trying to find the balance between these things. Through Canadian Women in Craft: A Conversation, exhibition curator Shiemara Hogarth wants to broaden the scope of that conversation by speaking with women in Canadian craft.

The discussion will include: Finding meaning in your craft practice and process (pre-Covid vs. now), Selling work, Gallery representation, Curating

Featured Panelists:

    Alumni:  eva birhanu, Simone Elizabeth Saunders, Mia Riley, May Kineyetums
    AUArts Associate Professor Craft + Emerging Media: Natali Rodrigues
    Moderator: Shiemara Hogarth

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Canadian Women in Craft: A Conversation, was made possible with the support of the Alberta University of the Arts and in partnership with the Alberta Craft Council.