Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

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This is a hands-on, fast-paced course where students gain the technical skills to create sophisticated vector graphics for a range of art and design projects using Adobe Illustrator.

For online Adobe classes, students are responsible for purchasing their own software for class. Occasionally, trial versions of the software are available on the company website, here: , but at this time there are no discounts available for Continuing Education students.

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Karen Justl is an illustrator who is fascinated by the neuroscience of facial expression and emotion. She holds a Masters of Design from the Ontario College of Art and Design University in Toronto and a BFA Honors in painting from The University of Manitoba. She is conducting her illustrative research in caricature, facial expression, body language, stand-offs, and confrontation. Her illustrations have been published in magazines across Canada, including The Mark, subTerrain, Herizons, Pilot Project and Crow`s Toes. She has indulged in a series of self-published and collaborative illustration work including the striking, Art Slut Comix, 1992; Pear Comix, 1993 and; The Bird (cage), 2009. In 1992/93 her comix traveled around Canada in a Fantagraphics show called Misfit Lit. Her series People and Their Problems won a prize and made an appearance in Applied Art magazine in 2009. Her work is showcased in Broken Pencil`s folio section for the Canzine Issue, October, 2010 and cover to cover in subTerrain Magazine, July, 2011. Her most recent project is a book of door knockers and mug-shots that she researched in Florence, Italy titled 'How Woeful.'

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