Get the skinny on our certificate courses here.

How many courses do I need to take for my certificate?

Each certificate program has a set of required courses and one elective. Students must attend all required classes in these courses and successfully complete all required projects.

How are the courses graded?

Students must receive a passing grade on all required courses, plus one elective, in order to receive a certificate. Each certificate course is graded pass or no pass based on the following student attendance and project guidelines:

10-12 week courses - students may miss up to 2 classes
8-9 week courses - students may miss up to 1 class
7 weeks or less courses - students may not miss any classes

Students should complete all assigned projects - you will not be officially "marked", but instructors will evaluate the projects in class (did the projects meet the requirements and were they successful?)

How do I receive my certificate?

Once you have successfully completed all required courses plus one elective, you'll need to contact the Continuing Education office to request your certificate. There is a $50 (plus GST) processing fee payable when the Certificate of Achievement is requested.

What happens if course requirements are changed or if a course is discontinued?

If Continuing Education changes the requirements for a certificate program, you may choose to follow the previously published requirements, or meet the new ones. If a course is discontinued, please contact the Continuing Education office for an approved substitution.

Can I transfer credits from another institution?

Yes. Any AUArts Continuing Education Certificate of Achievement program will accept up to one course substitution from an outside institution. You'll need to provide Continuing Education with the institution’s course description, including the course content and course hours, and an official record of your final mark in the course. Approval to substitute the outside course will be based on its substantive similarity to a required or elective AUArts Continuing Education Certificate course.

I am a student on a study permit - am I eligible to take Continuing Education courses?

Students do not require a study permit to take Continuing Education courses. This program is not Designated and ineligible to receive foreign nationals on study permit.

For more information please contact the Continuing Education office by email or phone at 403.284.7640.