Arts funding

The Arts Funding Micro-Credential introduces creative professionals to sources of funding for arts organizations and how to work with those sources and engage successfully with donors on an ongoing basis.

Gain the knowledge and skills needed to effectively lead and manage arts and cultural departments, programs and organizations in seeking diverse and consistent sources of funding through donor engagement. Experience hands-on practical projects, develop teamwork skills and progress through simulations that expose you to key funding decision-making within the arts.

Arts Funding Course Listing

Course Code Course Name Dates Times Course Hours Price*
CEAB–110 Fund Development & Donor Engagement




5 - 9:30 p.m.

45 $646
CEAB–103 Exploring Social Enterprise TBD


5 - 9:30 p.m.

45 $646

Understanding Contracts

Grant & Proposal Writing

Employment Readiness

Workshop Listings   14 x 3



*Price does not include GST


Arts and Business Courses

Tuition $506
Processing Fee $75
Technology Fee* $65
Total $646 + GST

Two Day Workshops

Tuition $260
Processing Fee $35
Total $295 + GST

Three Day Workshops

Tuition $360
Processing Fee $35
Total $395+ GST

*Fee applied once per semester. (Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer)

These programs are intended for students with previous post-secondary experience. 

Completion Requirements

For successful completion of the Arts Funding Micro-Certificate, students will successfully complete two courses and three workshops.