Why Pre-College?

There are many benefits to attending our Pre-College Program, besides learning a whole lot about art + design.

Why Pre-College? We are glad you asked. Besides learning a whole lot about art and design, you will:

Earn Credits

The Pre-College Program is a credited First Years Studies studio elective, which means you will earn three credits toward an undergraduate degree. These credits are recognized at any art and design school across North America, giving you a head start on any program you choose.

Build Your Portfolio

During the program, you will have a chance to build an awesome portfolio, engage in critiques, and utilize feedback to actively improve your work.  You will finish the program with a solid, varied portfolio that will prove impressive for post-secondary admissions and bursary applications.

Prepare for University

The Pre-College Program gives you a taste of what post-secondary life is like. You’ll experience university-level studio classes under the mentorship of professional artists and designers. Students who participate in this program are more prepared for the transition into post-secondary studies. 

Join a Community

Over the course of the month, you will meet other young people who are just as interested in art and design as you are. Many students who take Pre-College forge a special bond that carries them through their entire undergraduate degree at AUArts. In just one month, you may form friendships that last a lifetime.