How to submit to spotlight

Submissions to Spotlight will be accepted through Slideroom

Slideroom is an online application program we use to collect portfolio submissions.  Only electronic submissions will be accepted. 

To get started, you’ll need to sign up by creating a login ID, password, and profile. There is a $30.00 fee for creating a user account, which is payable online. 

Only one application per person will be accepted, however, you can submit up to three (3) separate pieces of finished work in your submission.   

Here’s a list of information you will need when you get into Slideroom: 

  • Last name (last name used when in your most recent Con Ed course)
  • First name
  • Con Ed Student ID number (can be found on your course confirmations and tax receipts)
  • Current Address
  • Daytime Phone
  • Name of Last Course Taken in Con Ed (if known)
  • Maximum 3 finished works with corresponding image information (artist name, image number of work, title of art work, medium(s) used, year created)
    • For three dimensional pieces (Jewellery, ceramics, sculpture etc.), please submit three image views per piece (i.e. front, back, top, side)
    • For guidance on photographing your art please refer to the Alberta Foundation for the Arts tips

Please do not send links to websites, video files, or printed images.

You can upload and save your images as many times as you need to before submitting your portfolio. Your application will be saved online until you’re ready to submit it, so feel free to take your time and get it just the way you want it. Just remember to submit it before the deadline!