COVID Head | Evan Penny

TrépanierBaer Presents: COVID Head - Evan Penny

Feeling like this guy these days: stretched to the limit, can’t focus, bewildered, and with dull skin? Evan Penny’s "(Old) Stretch #3" sums it up - this is the look, this is the feel at the moment. TrépanierBaer is presenting this signature work by Alum Evan Penny, Dip '75, Sculpture from 2006 in conjunction with his latest portfolio of photographs titled Why Do You Peel from Myself?

Conceived in the studio within the context of his latest sculpture Hanging Marsyas and the artist's reflective Body Mirror wall reliefs, these twisted, stretched, surreal reflections taken by the artist “become a kind of selfie” that call into question our relationship to the body and to the photographic image, and its disorienting and disembodying effect. Think of all the FaceTime and Zoom meetings you’ve participated in over the last year and the image you saw of your face reflected back to you in small or large screens, over, and over, and over again.

These outstanding works confound the eye as they slip in and out of abstraction into representation and back again, and between painting and photography.  

Photo: "Why Do You Peel Me from Myself #2?" by Evan Penny

Photo: "(Old) Stretch #3" by Evan Penny

Friday, March 5, 2021 to Saturday, April 3, 2021