Apply for graduation

In the last year of your program at AUArts? Get ready to graduate here.

Graduation eligibility

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the courses required to graduate. If you need some help determining whether you're eligible to graduate, please set up a meeting with our Student Academic Advisor or call 403.284.7643.

Graduation application deadline

You must submit an Application for Graduation form regardless of whether or not you plan to attend the convocation ceremony. Please complete the application that was emailed during Autumn to you or pick it up at the Registrar’s Office. The completed form must be returned to the Registrar’s Office before the deadline.

Graduation Application processing fee

The May 2021 graduation application processing fee is payable prior to processing the application and determining eligibility for graduation.

Courses from other institutions

If you’re completing courses you require to graduate at another institution, make sure your official transcripts are received by the AUArts Registrar’s Office absolutely no later than May 1st. If you are unable to provide official transcripts by the deadline, but have a final grade that your instructor can report via email to the AUArts Registrar’s Office and the Registrar of the Institution you took the course at by May 1st, we will proceed to work towards graduating you on an interim basis. Official transcripts still must be received prior to the convocation ceremony to graduate.