Awards and scholarships

Each year AUArts connects students with hundreds of thousands of dollars in bursaries, awards, scholarships, and prizes to help fund their studies. Check out all the various awards available to help make your career dreams come true!

What awards can I apply for?

There are many scholarships and awards you can apply for through the Alberta University of the Arts, plus a number of external awards.

What are the different award types and what do they mean?

Automatic Awards don’t require an application form – you’re automatically entered based on your academic performance in the previous academic year, or merit of your work.

Competitive Awards require applications and are based on stated criteria and selected by faculty or award committees.

Bursaries are awards based primarily on financial need.

Prizes are awards in the form of books, supplies, medals, plaques, subscriptions or gift certificates.

Entrance Awards are available to students entering AUArts for the first time when they submit their portfolio and are awarded as tuition credit.  

How do I apply?

To be eligible for most awards administered by AUArts’s Awards program, students must be enrolled as full-time (minimum 9 credit per semester) degree students at AUArts, unless otherwise stated. Exceptions are AUArts Entrance Scholarships. Students with documented disabilities that require a reduced course load will be considered full-time students when enrolled in 6 credits.

Recipients of all awards must maintain full-time enrollment at AUArts through the upcoming fall and winter semesters (unless award is for a 4th year graduating student).

External awards have their own criteria, requirements, and deadlines, so be sure to research these independently.

Applying for AUArts scholarships and awards

  1. Log into Slideroom and select the awards you would like to apply. 
  2. Begin application and upload all supporting documentation (images, statement, etc.) into Slideroom
  3. Awards and Scholarships are offered in both Fall and Winter semesters. Fall Deadline: Oct 1st  and Winter Deadline: Feb 1st. Fall Semester Awards and Scholarships cannot be applied until September 1st and Winter Semester Awards and Bursaries cannot be applied until December 20th. 

Applying for AUArts bursaries

  1. The AUArts Bursary Application link will be emailed out to AUArts students beginning of September and prior to the Christmas break.
  2. Begin the application and complete all questions.
  3. Bursaries are offered in both Fall and Winter semesters.  Fall Deadline: Oct 1st  and Winter Deadline: Feb 1st. Fall Semester Bursaries cannot be applied until September 1st and Winter Bursaries cannot be applied until December 22.   

Applying for AUArts entrance scholarships

Students who have applied to the undergraduate program for Fall,  before the Priority Deadline of February 1, will be assessed for entrance scholarships as part of the application process. The entrance scholarships are awarded based on the merit of your academic achievement and portfolio score.  Entry scholarships will not be assessed until after the February 1 deadline and will be communicated via email once the Admissions Committee has completed their evaluations. Visit this page for more information on how to start your application to the bachelor degree programs. 

Applying for external scholarships

Research and apply for any external awards you feel you may be eligible for and follow the instructions for each award. Deadlines vary, so be sure to do your research.

What are some important things to know about applying for awards?

  • Government-based student funding could be affected by the receipt of award money.
  • If you have outstanding fees owing to AUArts, these fees will be deducted from your award money.
  • The university assumes liability for the payment of scholarships, bursaries, prizes and awards only to the extent that gifts from donors or returns from investments for these purposes will permit.
  • AUArts reserves the right to make any changes to its awards program that circumstance may require, including the cancellation or addition of awards, or amendments to existing awards.
  • AUArts reserves the right to release pertinent information regarding award recipients to applicable funding bodies or award donors.
  • Government SINs are required to be eligible and receive AUArts Awards and Bursaries.
  • AUArts will issue a T-4A statement of other income to student award recipients.


We have over two hundred awards and bursaries available to students in all years and in all majors to help make your creative dreams become a reality. Some of these awards are applied as tuition credit.


Available to students entering AUArts for the first time - these awards are applied as tuition credit.

External awards

Students are encouraged to explore other sources of funding to cover their expenses while attending AUArts. Check out the links to learn about award opportunities outside the university.


All MFA in Craft Media applicants will automatically be considered for entrance scholarships, based on the merit of their applications. You do not need to apply for these awards.