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Lumel Studios Yukon Experience/Adventure Award

Award eligibility: 
3rd, 4th year or MFA in Glass Majors
Award source: 
Lumel Studios
Award criteria: 
Merit of work
Award details: 
An experience of a lifetime
Number of awards: 
Award selection: 
Glass Faculty
Application process: 
  1. Upload all supporting documentation (images, statement, etc.) to Slideroom
  2. Application Deadline: Feb 1 (*applications will be accepted on the following working day, if the deadline falls on a weekend)
Submit/Submission : 
  • Five (5) images of current work
  • Image list indicating number, title, size, medium and date of completion of work
  • Artist statement

Yukon Studio/Adventure Experience:


Basic accommodation provided to students free of charge (equivalent to $400)

  • Small basic ‘cabin’ (an enclosed shelter with a double bed) with access to a kitchen in the Johnson home on the same property
  • Located 6km from downtown Whitehorse and the Lumel Studio
  • Transportation - your own vehicle, City bus or bicycles (provided by the studio)

Work experience at Lumel Studios

4 Days of the week comprising of:

  • 10 hrs. of bench time/wk. in the hot glass studio (equivalent to $2,000) This is a chance to use your Yukon experience to create personal work.
  • Hands on technical and business experience (work with in-house staff to produce items for the gallery, work with the public during workshops, acquire a knowledge of equipment maintenance, and begin to understand necessary management and business practices in relation to  running a studio)
  • Community work: 3 hrs/wk. for social community building - Assisting with studio/community projects, such as, street people outreach and support, vulnerable teens’ workshop programing, etc.

Adventure opportunities  3 days of each week consisting of:

  • Adventure time - explore what the Yukon has to offer!
  • 1 of the 3 day blocks will be an opportunity to work with other artist or community groups, for example, Sundog Carving Studio, Yukon quilters, environmental groups, teen agencies, jamming with a band…etc. (a comprehensive list of possibilities will be provided)
  • Highly recommended – a 3 day stay at the Lumel Studios’ cabin at Little Fox Lake 
  • Head to the tundra, hike up a mountain, canoe down the Yukon River..

Studio Work: must be Yukon themed/related

  • Students have an opportunity to sell their work through the gallery
  • Gallery only takes 30% of sale price
  • The items must meet Lumel quality controls and standards
  • If a student’s glass work is well received by the gallery, the student will have the opportunity to sell the rights of their pattern to Lumel Studios


  • One student per month (June & July)
  • Of the two students selected only one can be a MFA student
  • Transportation to and from Yukon is NOT included
  • Students must provide their own meals 
  • Students will also have the choice of staying at the Lumel home, an individual room in a bee hive communal setting with fellow sojourners
  • Student must confirm Health, Dental, Travel Insurance Coverage for the duration of the residency by contacting ACADSA provider

Level of study:

Award category:

Award semester: