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Jason Lang Scholarship - Winter

Award eligibility: 
Alberta residents and Canadian citizens (or permanent residents) in full-time students
Award source: 
Government of Alberta and administered by Alberta Student Aid
Award criteria: 
Enrolled in 24 credits or more between September to April during the previous academic year and achieved a 3.2 grade point average
Award value: 
$1 000
Number of awards: 
Award selection: 
AUArts Awards Office
Application process: 

Qualifying students will be emailed nomination forms to students by the Financial Aid + Student Awards Office.  Students who believe they should have been contacted regarding this award and did not, can visit the Financial Aid + Awards Advisor prior to January 25th.

Submit/Submission : 

Completed Nomination Form must be submitted no later than the specified date outlined in the email to the qualifying students.

  • Students can only receive one (1) Jason Lang Scholarship per year and up to three (3) Jason Lang Scholarships in a lifetime  
  • If Louise McKinney Scholarship is received for the same period, nominee is not eligible for the Jason Lang Scholarship

Level of study:

Award category:

Award semester: