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Monika Smith Ceramics Award (310-0561)

Award eligibility: 
Final Year Ceramic Majors
Award source: 
Monika Smith (AUArts Alumni)
Award criteria: 
Merit of work and artist statement
Award value: 
Award details: 
The award recipient is invited to join Monika Smith, 2008 ceramic graduate, for a positive coffee meeting to chat about art, careers and directions.
Number of awards: 
Award selection: 
Ceramics Faculty
Application process: 
  1. Upload all supporting documentation (images, statement, etc.) to Slideroom
  2. Application Deadline: Oct 1 (*applications will be accepted on the following working day, if the deadline falls on a weekend)
Submit/Submission : 
  • Three (3) images of current work
  • Image list indicating number, title, size, medium and date of completion of work
  • An artist statement on what the applicant has learned about entrepreneurial spirit while at AUArts as part of the application for the scholarship.

The student is put in contact with Ms. Smith upon notification of winning the scholarship, to coordinate a suitable meeting arrangement between the two and have an opportunity to learn about how she has built her practice and what she has learned. (i.e. a studio visit with Ms. Smith at her studio, OR a coffee meeting at AUArts to see the student’s practice, OR other meeting as appropriate.) It’s to be understood that the relationship with each student will change and be different from one year to the next – and some may be longer lasting relationships than others. By awarding this in the Fall, the timing will allow the student and donor to arrange the mentoring relationship before graduation.

Level of study:

Award category:

Award semester: