Testimonials: What happens after you earn your AUArts degree?

What happens after AUArts? Read testimonials by former students whose lives have been dramatically shaped by earning their AUArts credentials.

Learn how AUArts graduates evolve their artistic research and skills along inspiring career paths. They offer retrospective insights, friendly advice, and helpful tips that current students may follow to make the most of their time at AUArts. If you have a story that you'd like to share with our current students, please contact advising@auarts.ca

Testimonial by Lindsay Moffat, BFA Painting

Dear Undergrads of AUArts,

My name is Lindsay Moffat and I graduated from the AUArts Painting department in April 2016. I am now persuing my Masters in Digital Art and New Media at the University of California Santa Cruz, where I received full funding and a teacher’s assistantship. (All my tuition is paid by the University and I also get paid to help teach undergraduates.) This amazing opportunity is only possible because of the education and preparation for my career that AUArts provided. 

Being in grad school is much like the fourth year of the AUArts painting program. The contemporary artists we are exposed to at University of California as well as the way we are encouraged to challenge our work in an engaging manner to grow our own practice and voice is the approach I was taught at AUArts. In grad school there is even more clarity and depth pitted against trying to time manage a group of students that I am a teaching assistant for. The other grad students in my cohort come from many different backgrounds such as computer science to graphic design. We are an interdisciplinary program and are encouraged to engage in the whole campus community. We have access to almost any technology that you can imagine and the most talented mentors to help teach us how to use the equipment available to us. University of California Santa Cruz allows us to meet and work with artists that I thought I would only read about.

I am sure you are wondering how did an AUArts Painting major get into a Digital Art and New Media program? That is the beauty of AUArts's painting program where students are encouraged to use a variety of media and resources to critically think through what they want to convey.  AUArts has an abundance of resources, many more than some other art programs that I've compared. For example AUArts has technicians in every department that are experts in their field. They are there for the sole purpose to help you learn about new materials and teach you how to utilize unfamiliar resources. I knew nothing about video work or editing, prior to meeting with Alex Moon; and with his help I was able to learn how to navigate these complicated programs.

My practice at AUArts was about juxtaposing how society has treated marginalized people to how they treat animals in the factory farming industry. My video work layers the images of both communities. My larger life goals are to change the world for the better and create a self-sustaining environment that honors all creatures great and small. The graduate program I am in now allows me to be an artist and an activist. Here students are encouraged to critically think about the world around us and challenge ourselves through art.  Does that sound familiar? It should as I feel that is what was encouraged by my fourth-year professor Dr. Christopher Willard.

I want to address how important it is to make the most out of your undergrad. The whole school wants you to succeed. The better we are the better AUArts is. No one can help you if you do not seek it; your connections and relationships with the people around you will raise you up if you wish. Get involved, care about the institution that you are in, fight for the best education and know that it will pay off for you. We are artists, we are filled with questions, passion, and a completely unique perspective of the world. Artists have the capability to change the world, and AUArts is a great place to start your journey.

Thank you to all my mentors and the people who guided me through my undergrad. Special thanks go out to Dr. Christopher Willard who helped me prepare for graduate school and who always challenged me to think critically about my art and the world around me. Thank you to Marianne Elder who is one of the most knowledgeable people to discuss how to get into your Masters. Thanks go to Laurel Smith who always encouraged me to go after the things I wanted no matter how big or how small; to the amazing staff in the Registrars’ Office who always fought for me to be able to take the courses I wanted; to Alex Moon and the other technicians who work tirelessly to help pull the imaginings from my head into the physical world; and to Jason Bauche for the Counselling support I needed to mentally navigate the minefield of my mind. Thank you AUArts, I look forward to seeing the future artists that emerge from your doors.