Students can rent a locker at AUArts to store their books, portfolios, supplies and tools on campus.

How do I rent a locker?

Because of our limited number of lockers, priority for locker registration is given to first and second year students who don’t have individual studio spaces.

In webService, select  LOCK 100A. You only need to register once per school year.

Locker numbers and lock combinations will be assigned after September 1 and can be obtained from the Campus Security.

Is there a fee for renting the locker?

Yes, there is a fee for renting the locker. You pay once in the term when you register but you have the locker for the school year. 

Please note that the locker fees are non refundable after the term add/drop deadline.

I want to make sure the lock can be reused - when do I need to return my lock?

All locks must be returned to the by April 30 - watch for more information in your AUArts email.

Can I just use my own lock on a locker?

No. Any non-AUArts locks will be removed.

Can I have more than one locker?

Unfortunately, due to limited space, we can only provide one locker per student.