Independent off-campus study

AUArts students may be eligible to earn transfer credits toward their AUArts degree by completing courses independently at other institutions as a visiting student. There is no minimum GPA requirement and Independent Off-Campus Study may occur at any year of the student's program of study for potential credit toward junior-level coursework. Students are responsible for all tuition costs and fees of the host institution and must make arrangements for the host institution to forward to AUArts an official transcript confirming completion of a minimum final C (60%) grade for the course. There is a $30 fee per letter of permission per institution, per semester. This will be charged at the time the letter of permission is requested. Students often enroll in SOSC or HUMN courses, as well as other academic subject areas (see list below).

Applicants must research the courses and institutions they wish to attend, identify the AUArts equivalent course they wish to earn transfer credits toward, and submit a completed Transfer Credit Request/Letter of Permission form to the Registrar's Office. Course outlines may be required to support the request. When the course is approved, a Letter of Permission will be issued to the student confirming that their proposed coursework as a visiting student at another institution will be accepted for transfer credit per transfer credit criteria*.

Academic Subjects that students receive Letter of Permission to study at another institution include:

HUMN (Humanities) Art History; Classics; English Literature & Composition; Dance History & Criticism; Dramatic Literature, Criticism, History & Theory; History; Languages; Music History & Literature; Philosophy; Religious Studies; Romance Studies

SOSC (Social Sciences) Anthropology;** Archeology;** Canadian Studies; Communications Studies; Economics; Educational Psychology, Sociology & History; Gender Studies; Geography;** Linguistics; Political Psychology;** Sociology

NASC (Natural & Applied Sciences) Anthropology;** Archaeology;** Astronomy; Biology; Botany; Biochemistry; Chemistry; Computer Science; Geography;** Geophysics; Mathematics; Physics; Psychology;** Statistics; Zoology

CAREER RELATED SUBJECTS Art Therapy; Business; Management; Engineering; Law; Medicine; Nursing; Social Work

STUDIO COURSES Introductory and intermediate studio courses may be eligible for transfer credit. Students must present course outlines that describe assignments and learning objectives for review and approval by AUArts subject matter experts.


  • Submit a Request for a Letter of Permission form (from the forms page under Current Students) via email to
  • Pay the $30 fee.
  • Receive your approval and letter of permission via your AUArts email within 6 weeks of submitting your request.
  • Only those courses completed with a minimum grade of “C,” 60%, or better will be considered for transfer credit.
  • Only those courses completed at the university or transfer level, as approved through the Office of Student Academic Advising/Registrar’s Office, will be considered for transfer credit.
  • Students are required to make arrangements with host institutions to forward official transcripts showing completed coursework final grades directly to the Office of Student Academic Advising. Please note: Students may also be required to provide supporting documentation (course outlines, assignment rubrics, examples of coursework) for transfer credit subject matter experts' evaluation.

Failure to follow the application procedures or any evidence of misrepresentation on any document related to the study program, as well as any evidence of illegal acts performed by the student while on the study program, will result in the immediate cancellation of AUArts’s support for that program and the cancellation of any related credit transfers to the student’s academic transcript.