AUArts counselling team

Jason Bauche is a Registered Psychologist who lives and works in Calgary. He has worked in the fields of addictions, community mental health, and has many years of experience in assessing and supporting learners of all ages.

I believe that my greatest asset as a psychologist is the ability to gain an understanding of a person, reflect back what they see, and more importantly, shift the perspective so that they can see new possibilities.

Jason Bauche, Registered Psychologist and AUArts Counsellor

Jason describes himself as a generalist who is able to connect with and support individuals with a wide range of backgrounds and presenting issues. At the same time, he has considerable experience working with individuals with learning needs, attention challenges, Autism Spectrum Disorders, depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, grief and loss, sexuality and gender identity, and substance abuse.

Jason holds a BA in Psychology, and an MSc in Counselling Psychology from the University of Calgary, and has been with AUArts since 2010. In 2014, he received a staff recognition award from AUArts SA.

AUArts Counselling Intern

AUArts also typically has a counselling intern available to assist students. Interns work under the direct supervision of the AUArts counsellor in a practicum running from late August to early April.

Interested in becoming an intern? Find out more about our counselling internship program.