Students with disabilities

At AUArts, we aim to work collaboratively and innovatively with the campus community to create an accessible, equitable and supportive learning environment that enhances each student’s academic and personal development on the path to academic success. Our office is open to both future and current students at both the Undergraduate and Graduate level.

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AUArts has suspended in person contact due to the COVID19 pandemic. Until further notice, advising for learning assistance is available through email and MS TEAMS video conferencing during regular business hours. Please reach us by email at or on video conferencing by uploading the Microsoft Teams app.


Access to Academic Accommodations at AUArts is often a coordinated effort between the faculty, the student and Student Services in the best interests of the student, the study body as a whole, the requirements of the course(s) and available resources. 

Accommodations at AUArts are classified as Basic Accommodations or Enhanced Accommodations: 

  • Basic Accommodation Services are supported by the University and include exam accommodations such as extended time, distraction-free environments or use of personal computing (hardware and/or software) technology as well as adjustments to class attendance expectations, and/or extended time for course assignments. Students requiring basic accommodation services are required to register with Student Services. Once registered, the staff will work with you to create an Accommodation Plan. Current medial documentation or similar supportive documentation is required. 
  • Enhanced Accommodation Services (such as Sign Language Interpreters and/or captioning services – CART) are funded through Alberta Student Aid or similar grant programs, often directly to the student. Students requiring enhanced accommodation services with unique resource requirements are required to register with Student Services. Once registered, the staff will work with you to create an Accommodation Plan. Current medical or similar supportive documentation is required.

Students with chronic or temporary health-related difficulties, who are not classified as having a permanent disability, will be provided appropriate assistance based on a referral and recommendations from a specialist caregiver and/or AUArts counselling services.

Accommodations are arranged through Academic Accommodation Agreement Forms with instructors or other university staff.

Services for Students with Mobility Issues

The university is wheelchair accessible. During COVID19, AUArts encourages all students with mobility concerns to contact Learning Assistance Resources at, before visiting the Campus due to access restrictions. 


Request for Academic Accommodations Form

Functional Assessment & Accommodation Request Form