The Learning Assistance Resources provides services for students with disabilities, pedagogical support for faculty working with students with disabilities, assistive technologies, exam invigilation for students requiring exam accommodations and assistance in accessing appropriate funding.

What We Offer

Academic accommodations

Exam accommodations, facilitating funding for goods and services, review of supportive diagnostic documentation and facilitating classroom accommodations.

Support services

For students with learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, assistive technologies, note taking and tutoring assistance and/or Learning Strategist services can be provided.

Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Access to language interpretation, closed captioning and FM system access, qualified interpreter or captioner, An FM system with headphones.

Services for Students with Learning Disabilities

Students with Learning Disabilities, ADD/ADHD or mental health diagnosis must provide the relevant and current documentation to verify the need for any academic accommodations and to identify specific accommodation needs/recommendations.

Students who begin their studies at AUArts who do not have supportive documentation but for whom services were provided in their previous educational institutions are encouraged to discuss their situation with for a possible solution.

Students with chronic or temporary health-related  difficulties

Students who are not classified as having a permanent disability will be provided appropriate assistance based on a referral and recommendations from a specialist caregiver and/or AUArts counselling services.

Accommodations are arranged through Academic Accommodation Agreement Forms with instructors or other university staff.

Services for Students with Mobility Issues

The university is wheelchair accessible. AUArts encourages all students with mobility concerns to speak with the Manager of Learning Assistance Resources (, before visiting the Campus. An accessibility map that outlines the accessible routes is available.