myApps, email and network access

Access your AUArts email, myApps application portal and computers on campus.

Quick links

AUArts network account

As an AUArts student, you have an AUArts network account provinding access to a range of services:

  • myApps application portal
  • AUArts e-mail address
  • Campus computer access
  • Campus wifi (AUArts Secure) and Eduroam
  • Online cloud storage via OneDrive
  • Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) online in-browser and as an install
  • Access to campus printers and specialty printers in the IOLAB (additional charges may apply)
  • Access to licensed software (installed on AUArts-owned computers)

Connect to online services

You can access AUArts online services via the quick links above or:

  • Access Microsoft Outlook, Microsort Office, and OneDrive at: (or click myApps in the top menu).

Need a hand? Contact technical support.