New student system

There are some new features coming to student webService in the new year. A more intuitive graphical user interface will make tasks such as course selection and registration much easier. Check back here to keep up to date with progress and go-live date.

Banner 9 Upgrade Project

AUArts has begun the transition from our current Student Administration System, Banner 8 to a new version, Banner 9. While this change is necessitated by a technical change by the software vendor, the new release will result in many improvements, such as the ability to deliver new functionality and services, improved data analysis and reporting, and a more intuitive and user-friendly experience for students, faculty and staff.  

AUArts has formed Project Teams, led by Neil Sanderson, with staff from CTS, Enterprise Solutions, Ellucian (the Banner Vendor), SAIT (hosting the system), TouchNet (integrated student fee payments) and users from the Registrars Office and Student Experience and other affected offices. 

What is involved and what is the timing?

As part of this project we are taking the opportunity to transition to the “baseline” system, as much as possible. Throughout the Banner 9 Upgrade project we have been reviewing any modifications that have been made to Banner with the aim of replacing any customizations with the delivered functionality in the new baseline software.  This will reduce the complexity and the costs associated with maintaining the customizations while retaining required functionality.

The first phase of this project involved forming the Project Team(s), planning, creating the technical environment, setting up the new system in test, reviewing the new functionality and the any current customizations.

User Testing Successful!

We have largely completed the user testing phase, wherein we rely on “subject matter experts” from various offices to test-drive the system in those the areas for which they are responsible.  We are pleased to report that the user testing has now been completed successfully. Fifty-four separate process were tested and only six very minor bugs were identified which are now being addressed and will be fixed the first week in January.

Go-Live Schedule - DELAYED  (Updated January 23rd)

Due to unforeseen circumstances related to resource availability, the go-live date for the project has had to be delayed. The Project Team is now working with the Student Services offices and the technical and other support teams in order to determine a new schedule.

Check back here and watch your AUArts email in-box for an announcement of the new go-live date. 

Who is impacted?

All students will benefit from the new version of Banner. They will see a much more intuitive system including a full-featured graphical interface for course selection and course registration.  Staff members and faculty and perform any administrative duties in Banner will also see improvements in how they use Banner. 

Here is a screen shot of what the new registration page for student self-service will look like after go-live…

On this screen you can enter a course in which you wish to enroll and it will display all the information you need to choose the appropriate section of that course:

  • All the sections of that course with a graphic display showing when they are each offered and how many seats are available.

  • A matrix showing your current class timetable, as well as a list of the courses in which you are currently enrolled for this term.

  • An “Add” next to the various sections of the course you requested….just click the one that works for you!

Keep Up to Date

You can keep up to date regarding progress on this project by periodically visiting this page. 

Please contact us at if you have any questions.