Fee regulations

Learn about AUArts’s fee regulations.

1. Tuition fees are applied to all students. Along with other operating revenue, tuition fees provide for credit instruction, which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Instruction and evaluation of work and performance
  • General studio operation and use, including but not limited to studio repairs and maintenance, equipment rental, studio assistance and/or supervision (where available)
  • Resources to support instruction: such as the Learning Resources Centre, the woodshop, the audio visual facilities, and other materials or services required as a result of the method of teaching used by the instructor
  • Counseling and related student services

2. Tuition fees will cover a portion of the programs' expendable supplies necessary to support general studio operation and use. The balance may be charged to students as supplementary fees on a cost recovery basis.

3. Mandatory supplementary fees may be assessed to recover a portion of the programs’ expendable supplies necessary to support general studio operation and use.

4. Students will be notified of the mandatory supplementary fees in three ways: 

  1. Fees for all courses and programs shall be published in the Academic Calendar
  2. Mandatory supplementary fees will be described and listed in course outlines
  3. Supplementary Studio Fees will be published in the Course Timetable

5. Mandatory supplementary fees for courses will be payable to Alberta University of the Arts by the same deadline dates as all tuition and student fees. With the exception of per-credit supplementary fees are not refundable after the last day to change courses for the semester in which the course is being offered. These fees are not tax-deductible.