Graduate tuition and fees

See graduate tuition rates for the 2019/2020 school year here.

Tuition amounts per semester

Tuition and student fees are determined by the Board of Governors of Alberta University of the Arts. Tuition has been set in accordance with the Public Post-secondary Institutions’ Tuitions Fees Regulations released by the Government of Alberta, and in consultation with the Alberta University of the Arts Students’ Association (ACADSA).

Graduate student profile

Fee (Per semester) Occurance Total
Canadian citizen & permanent resident status $6,250 5 $31,250
International student status $12,500 5 $62,500


Fee amounts are same for both domestic and international graduate students. Student fees are evaluated each year. The Board reserves the right to change fees and deposits when necessary and without notice.

One-Time Graduate Student Fees 

Fee Occurence Total for degree

Application fee
$110 1 $110
Confirmation deposit (*non-refundable, applied to tuition) $1,000 1 $1,000
Graduation fee $130 1 $130


Re-occurring Graduate Student Fees

Fee Occurence Total for degree
Supplementary studio fees

*graduate students assume personal responsibility for purchasing all materials required for projects.
$100 5 $500
Network access $62.50 5 $312.50
SAIT wellness $40 5 $200
Student service $30 5 $150
U-Pass* $151 5 $725
ACADSA membership fee (mandatory) $147.65 4 (Fall and Winter) $590.60
ACADSA health + dental fee (optional, paid in one installment Fall Semester - subject to change as per ACADSA Policies) $278.30 2 (Fall) $556.60

*All full-time students are assessed a mandatory universal transit pass fee (U-Pass) entitling them to unlimited City of Calgary transit service. U-Passes are valid on all Calgary Transit buses and C trains at all hours of operation. U-Passes are not transferable by holder. 


Optional locker fee ($20 refund at end of program) $50
Grade appeal $50
Late payment $100 per tuition pay period
Additional late payment $50 per tuition pay period
Official transcript (per copy) $25.50
Rush official transcript $76.50
Replacement degree $100
Replacement ID card $25
Prior learning assessment $75