AHIS 300 - Critical Topic in Art History (LS)

AHIS 300: Critical Topic in Art History

This lecture/seminar course considers the history of art, craft and/or design through a range of visual and material cultural artefacts, practices and discourses, organized around a specific topic to be announced in advance of registration. Students will further develop facility with art historical methods, including formal, social and gender based analysis.

AHIS 300 A and B | Site Specific Art

This course examines the relationship between site specificity and identity in contemporary art from the 1960s to the present. Our study will focus on artists in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries who have responded or reacted to specific sites, be they geographic, institutional, or political. Case studies will include installation, cinema, performance, and a wide array of other media. In this course we will also investigate practices that present or simulate places with no specific geopolitical referent, while still offering a sense of place by drawing on what Maeve Connolly refers to as “the temporal and relational processes that shape an experience of place.” (2009, 11) This course asks: what roles have subjectivity and identity played in defining site and vice versa? In connection with site, how have the central concerns of artists shifted since the 1960s? Are narratives of place effectively delivered by people of, from, or integral to the place represented, and what are the ethics of crafting new mythologies of place? Students will be furnished

with key theories and methodologies related to site as implemented by artists, art historians, and theorists. Discussions will regularly deal with the radical objectives of Indigenous, post-colonial, queer, and feminist projects that problematize the very notion of territory, proposing that identity itself is a site of action and performance.

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Course Prerequisites

Any 200-level AHIS, plus completion of First Year Studies.


A20200Clintberg, Mark
2:00pm - 4:50pm room: 532