AHIS 417 - Advanced Topics Seminar in Design

This art history seminar course further develops students’ critical and theoretical skills and understanding in the field of design studies. The course allows for the study of a specific topic, framework of analysis, series of case studies, or theme in depth, while further developing students’ research and presentation skills. Possible themes and subjects include speculative and critical design; adversarial and activist design; narrative studies; design innovation and technology; Indigenous knowledge; ecology; and the design of future.

Fall 2018

AHIS 417 A | Art as Design, Design as Art, Craft *

For most of human history, we have been making things and performing actions with symbolic functions. With the emergence of the Industrial Revolution and Kant's aesthetic philosophy, art, design and craft began to differentiate sharply. We still organize our artistic disciplines in the same manner. At a time when concern is emerging regarding the effects of the Industrial Revolution is it time to rethink this structure?

This seminar will be an opportunity to explore these issues, and the practices that are emerging from the variety of perspectives that these disciplines enable. Key philosophical and critical texts will be studied, and historical and contemporary practices explored. Students will work collaboratively to produce a publication that explores these issues and develops relevant case studies.

*Craft students are welcome, as the discipline may fall into either the art or design category.

Course Prerequisites

Any 300-level SCCS course

No current timetables available for this course, please check back later.