CCST 301 - Topic in Art and Philosophy (LS)

This lecture/seminar course considers visual and material cultural production in relation to a selected philosophical theme, to be announced in advance of registration. Students will learn to consider cultural production through the lens of a philosophical framework or theme including, but not limited to, phenomenology, aesthetics, the sublime, humanism, Marxism, feminism, animal studies, and ecological sustainability.

Topic: Philosophical Aesthetics and the Work of Art, Design and Craft

Philosophy is the love of wisdom. Aesthetics is the study of our perception of the sensible or phenomenal world. Work may be considered as purposive human effort engaged in the world. Works of art, design and craft are the effect of human effort and engagement and are located in the world. In this course, we will explore the coordinates of this constellation and their interactions through reading, discussion and other means, as they arise.

Course Credits:


Course Prerequisites

Two 200-level courses in SCCS (ENGL, HUMN, CCST, AHIS), one of which must be a 200-level ENGL, plus completion of First Year Studies.

No current timetables available for this course, please check back later.