CCST 302 - Cinema Studies: Gender + Nature

This course will examine how mise-en-scéne and editing work together to create a powerful sense of reality, naturalizing different points-of-view on gender and nature. Students will be introduced to a selection of editing styles that emerged in narrative films produced up to the early 70’s, including dialectical montage, continuity editing, and the long-take. Thematically, the films selected will focus on representations of gender and/or nature. Underlying an exploration of relationships editing and subject matter will be a reflection on the ways in which these different approaches depict point-of-view or the “gaze”, and, in turn, how these films engage or imagine us, as their spectators. The course will begin with an introduction to key terms in film studies, and students will learn how to do a film analysis. Course assignments may include:  key terms & definitions, scene analysis, small group seminars, take-home exams, an annotated bibliographies, and/or an essay.

Course Credits:


Course Prerequisites

Two 200-level courses in SCCS (ENGL, HUMN, CCST, AHIS), one of which must be a 200-level ENGL, plus completion of First Year Studies.


10:00am - 12:50pm room: 520