CCST 305 - Topic in Indigenous Studies

This lecture/seminar course considers a selected topic within the broad field of Indigenous Studies for in-depth analysis. Students will consider an element of Indigenous Studies with attention to its application to multiple issues, and with consideration of the theme’s relationship to Canadian and regional Treaty Seven contexts.

CCST 305 A | Settler Studies and Allyship

This course is a mirror to Indigenous studies, focusing on settler-colonialism and its effects in Canada. In a compassionate, supportive, and understanding way, it will position colonialism at the core of “the problem,” in order to re-envision the Indigenous—non-Indigenous relationship in the country. The course is geared towards non-Indigenous settlers and newcomers who feel the “call to action,” but don’t know where to start, or how contemporary Indigenous relations apply to their everyday life. We will draw from both art and non-art examples, in lecture and experiential workshop styles, to explore topics like: colonialism; contemporary Indigenous relations; the Truth and Reconciliation Commission; structures of power and privilege; racism; assimilation; and cultural genocide. The course ultimately aims to give students a working knowledge of key settler-colonial issues currently calling for our attention, while helping to build tools and skills for becoming more effective Indigenous allies, whether as an artist, art teacher, mother, father, or any other kind of Canadian citizen. Disclaimer: this course will involve discussions and work that people may find disturbing or emotionally challenging. This level of work is encouraged in this context, but will never be forced, and will always aspire towards empowerment.

Course Prerequisites

Two 200-level courses in SCCS (ENGL, HUMN, CCST, AHIS, PPRL, SOSC, NASC), one of which must be a 200-level ENGL, plus completion of First Year Studies.

No current timetables available for this course, please check back later.