CCST 323 - Contemporary Discourses: Situating Science + Technology (LS)

This course will investigate contemporary discourses that form the context for the production and reception of visual arts practices. Utilizing a combination of lecture and seminar discussions, the course will focus on both visual and textual material. Its terms of reference will be primarily the last ten years.

This course will focus on how science and technology are experienced and imagined as cultural phenomena. It will examine the broader social contexts and theoretical implications of the overlapping and distinctive domains of science, technology, digital communications, information technologies and related delivery systems.

Designed to support a studio-based education, this course will explore the place of imagination, representation, cultural use and interaction within such constructs as cyberculture, virtual reality environments, digital imaging tools, transgenics, neurobiology/cognition, artificial life systems and interactive entertainment media in the context of contemporary visual arts practices.

Course Credits:


Course Prerequisites

Two 200-level courses in SCCS (ENGL, HUMN, CCST, AHIS), one of which must be a 200-lvl ENGL, plus completion of First Year Studies.

No current timetables available for this course, please check back later.