ENGL 216 - Literatures of Community (LS)

Using multiple genres, this course focuses upon literature that is organized around a specific community or voice, so as to investigate ways in which literature acts as a tool for the complex expression of collective identity, as a means for the expression of differences and debates within that collectivity, and as an example of the complexities with which collective expression, identification, and change are marked. Representative communities might be organized around

  • Region, past or present (Chinatowns, the American South, Yoruba writing, Nova Scotia’s Africville, or the Harlem Renaissance, for example)
  • Subject Position and Self-Identification (Caribbean-French-or Indo-Canadian Writing, for example; First Nations Canadian Writing; Writing Queer Identities; Disability Writing; Black Diasporic Writing; subgroupings of any of these or other comparable communities)

Course Credits:


Course Prerequisites

Any two 100-level SCCS courses (ENGL, HUMN, CCST, AHIS), or consent of the Chair in consultation with the instructor.


A20131Frey, Christopher
9:00am - 11:50am room: 461