ENGL 314 - Topic in Contemporary International Literature (LS)

This course selects one specific aspect of contemporary international literature, relevant to studio artists and designers, for its focus. Generally, it will emphasize the politics, problems, potentialities, and complexities of representation in literature, so as to complement students’ studio practices. It may do so through a variety of postmodern and postcolonial literary critiques, and it may also do so by drawing upon more historically distant literary texts that can be brought to bear on the contemporary scene in terms of their relevance or influence. While a given iteration of ENGL 314 might be organized around a specific theoretical framework, this course welcomes the diversity of student interests and approaches. Specific topics will be determined by the instructor and will be announced in the current timetable prior to registration.

NOTE: This course is repeatable for credit when the topic changes or with permission of the Chair of Critical + Creative Studies.

Fall 2019

ENGL 314 A | InTerranational Narrative (Relativism)

"Interranational Narrative (Relativism)" is designed for advanced students, 3rd year level. Short stories and essays produced by writers from different national backgrounds are studied, with focus on inter-textual and intra-textual dynamics. Students will see knowledge as complex and contextual, global and worldly, space and place, and how fictions can support relativistic truth claims by representing other / outer worlds in which contrary knowledge can coexist. An essay meeting MLA criteria will be written.

ENGL 314 B | International Literature: Life on the Margins

In this iteration of the course, we will study a range of contemporary global texts (novels, short stories, and a graphic novel) that are largely situated in South Asia and the Middle East. In doing so, we will focus on topics including migrancy, violence against women, marginalisation, diaspora and belonging.

Course Credits:


Course Prerequisites

Any 200-level English plus completion of First Year Studies, or consent of the Chair in consultation with the instructor.


A20012Mader, Allison
2:00pm - 4:50pm room: 532