ENGL 315 - Topic in Contemporary Canadian Literature (LS)

This course introduces students to issues relevant to contemporary literary production in Canada through the in-depth examination of a specific, selected topic. Generally, the course emphasizes the politics, problems, potentialities, and complexities of representation in Canadian literature; considers the relationship between nation and narration; and considers the relevance and role of national identity when it is complicated by the cultural diversity within it, and the global culture it is itself within. It may do so through a variety of postmodern and postcolonial critiques of literature and / or concepts of nation, and it may also do so by drawing upon more historically distant literary texts that can be brought to bear on contemporary Canada. While a given iteration of ENGL 315 might organize itself around a specific theoretical framework, this course welcomes the diversity of student interests and approaches. Specific topics will be announced in the current timetable prior to registration.

NOTE: This course is repeatable for credit with permission of the Chair of Critical + Creative Studies.

Course Credits:


Course Prerequisites

Any 200-level English plus completion of First Year Studies, or consent of the Chair in consultation with the instructor.


A20015Giles, Mark
9:00am - 11:50am room: 532