FBRE 300 - Topic in Contemporary Fibre

This course selects an aspect of contemporary fibre practice or theory relevant to studio artists/designers, for its focus. The course topic will be selected from current issues and approaches in the fibre field but will be of interest to students from a range of disciplines. Course content will be developed through lectures, audiovisual presentations, assignments, material based workshops, discussion and critical engagement. Students will be expected to explore the topic theme through both studio based production and theoretical research. Research, material exploration and critical thinking will be emphasized.
Specific topics will be determined by the fibre program and will be announced in the current timetable prior to registration.

NOTE: This course is repeatable for credit when the topic changes.

FBRE 300 A | On Your Sleeve: Wearable Art, Culture and Context

This course will investigate the potential of wearable art in contemporary creative practice. Assignments will focus on wearable art as a potent object for the transmission of personal narrative, the construction of cultural identity and making meaning. Precedents in contemporary art, material culture and art history will provide important context and inspiration as students explore their own ideas around the wearable art object. Interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches to performing and documenting wearables will also be explored.

Course Credits:


Course Prerequisites

Must have completed all 30 credits at first year, and a minimum of 54 credits as well as declaring their major to progress to 300 level degree requirements or consent of the Chair in consultation with the instructor.


A31400Vickerson, Laura
8:30am - 12:50pm room: 413