FBRE 327 - Directed Studio

This course will allow students to work on an individual basis with an instructor. Each student will initiate and propose a program of directed study in consultation with her/his selected instructor. A Directed Studio Proposal will be developed by mutual consent and approved in the form of a contract between student and instructor. The Directed Studio Proposal will clearly define personal direction and research goals, media, time lines, quantity of work and the form of final presentation. Interdisciplinarity is encouraged and supported.

Course Credits:


Course Prerequisites

Must have completed all 30 credits at first year, and a minimum of 54 credits as well as declaring their major to progress to 300 level degree requirements or consent of the Chair in consultation with the instructor.


A30174Kelly-Frere, MacKenzie
8:30am - 12:50pm room: ONLINE
B30226Koralewska, Katarzyna
8:30am - 12:50pm room: ONLINE