FINA 400 - Practicum

FINA 450 A | Heather Huston

This hands-on practicum class will take place on campus at the Illingworth Kerr Gallery and enable students to gain employable gallery-oriented skills, including (but not limited to) hanging, collections management, art handling, and exhibition planning. Students will work with the IKG staff and invited experts to learn professional skills and then apply them in the gallery. In addition to practical work skills, this course will also cover philosophies around labour practices and students will respond to ideas in the class with a creative final project.  

 Registration in this course is through application.  

 In 250 – 500 words, please respond to the following questions and email your response to with “FINA 400” in the subject line:  

  1. Why do you want to take this class?  
    Why are you a good candidate for this class?   
    Please also include a copy of your unofficial transcript with your email.  

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A30171Huston, Heather
8:30am - 12:50pm room: 518