OBDF 110 - 3D Object Design - The Conceptual Use Object

This is a cross-program studio course which explores the creation of objects and contemporary contexts in which technology, craft, design and art are forming innovative, hybrid practices. Students will learn about the creation of objects through the study of 3D fundamental elements including form, function, materiality, use, value, and social relevance. Through investigation of digital and material 3D object creation in relation to discipline specific practices, students will explore how the integration of technology and these disciplines can support the creation of innovative new objects and inform existing studio practices. This will involve student investigation of contemporary technological processes such as rapid prototyping, computer controlled laser and milling machines, digital modeling and rendering. Students will develop the ability to communicate concepts to industrial manufacturing professionals. The course will facilitate cross-discipline collaboration as well as involve community-based projects in which students will engage with the concepts and demands prevalent in contemporary professional scenarios. This course is taught by a practicing creative professional.

Course Credits:


Course Prerequisites



A20163Ball, John
8:30am - 12:50pm room: 431


A30132Cera, Bryan
2:00pm - 6:20pm room: ONLINE
B30130Cera, Bryan
8:30am - 12:50pm room: ONLINE
C30223Ball, John
2:00pm - 6:20pm room: ONLINE