PHTG 201 - Creative Photography

A course that builds on the student’s photographic technical skills in pursuit of creative photographic imaging including documentary, landscape and abstract photography, digital processing and digital black & white archival photographic printing including camera mechanics, exposure and colour balance fundamentals, scanning film and calculating resolution, colour spaces, conversion to grayscale and duo-tone, nature and quality of light, photographic formats and composition , photography of the landscape, documentary photography, abstract photography and digital archive black and white printing.

NOTE: While this course includes core photographic fundamentals it is designed for students who have completed an introductory course in photography. A digital camera is recommended. Students are responsible for the cost of digital printing. A film camera may be used but the student is responsible for timely off campus film processing.

Course Credits:


Course Prerequisites

Completion of 24 credits from First Year Studies or equivalents or consent of the Chair in consultation with the instructor.


5:00pm - 5:00pm room: