VSCD 321 - Time-Based Design I - Graphics for Designers + Art Directors

Motion Graphics for Designers and Art Directors emphasizes storytelling, narrative strategies and conceptual thinking. Although the critical and digital skills essential to the production of motion graphics will be included in this course, students will focus on the process and principles of creating original and conceptually strong motion design.

Within the framework of outcomes described below, students will be expected to develop their own distinctive creative approach to solving design problems using time-based media. At the same time, students must critically reflect upon their own work, the work of their peers and contemporary industry output. Case studies will be used to examine examples of time-based media used to address a wide range of design communication problems in film, broadcast and on-line such as; film titles, broadcast graphics and on-line advertising. Students will be encouraged to experiment with motion graphics while expanding their vision to include such non-traditional media as the interactive menus of cell phones and digital billboards. The course will build on the design process and further develop a sound understanding of the principles of motion graphics. Students will be expected to be proactive in exploring contemporary developments and bringing back their observations and critical analysis to class for discussion. In addition to producing their own motion project solutions during the course, students will develop their awareness of issues such as:

  • Developing a design brief
  • The utilization of motion graphics as a communication tool within a strategic context
  • The nature and role of the audience and competitive context
  • The impact of changing media upon advertising and graphic design

Emphasis will be placed upon the development of the student¡¦s ability to generate creative, critically informed, targeted digital time-based content. Students will be expected to work collaboratively with other students both in the production and critical evaluation of their motion graphics solutions.

Course Credits:


Course Prerequisites

Completion of all 200-level VCD Major Studio requirements in a relevant Stream, VSCM 225 Design Technology I and VSCT 226 Motion Graphics I, or consent of the Chair in consultation with the instructor. Preference will be given to SCD students within their declared Stream.


A20068Merio, Jennifer
8:30am - 12:50pm room: 562